Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally up and Running

After a lot of procrastinating the time has come to start posting my thoughts online. The name of this blog "Light Before the Tunnel" came to me as I realized that for years I was putting off what was important (The Light) to focus instead on what I considered to be urgent (life on Earth and the problems that exist in an imperfect World). I figured that I would truly experience God when I died and in the process missed out on God's message that through Christ we could experience His Kingdom peace, love, mercy, kindness, beauty and abundance now.

So... after a lot of praying, reading, journaling, suffering through an anxiety disorder, having a little girl and taking God at His Word that my citizenship could be found in Heaven, my entire thought life has shifted. This perspective change came by the grace of his Son Jesus Christ and through the power of His Spirit. I'm grateful that God reminded me that though I may act as though I sit on the throne of my own life, it is He that gives me breath, He that gives me life, it is He that provides me and my family with food, He that breeds contentment and He that promises eternal life. I had to come to the end of my own fleshly desires and realize that He wasn't here for me. Instead, I am here for Him.

So with all that being said, I'm excited to see what God does with this blog. I wouldn't write it unless He asked me to do it and though I haven't audibly heard His voice, He has made it absolutely clear through His people that He wants to speak through my fingers. To be honest that scares me a little but as His word says, "To obey is better than to sacrafice". So instead of meeting with guys twice a week to give them a word that was really meant for me, I'm going to meet with you daily and give you all a word that is most likely meant for me.

I hope you are all excited to start living in the "Light Before the Tunnel". My hope is that we learn to live so seamlessly in the light of Christ that when we pass on from this life to the next we may be able to skip the tunnel part. May God Bless you and may this be His blog and not mine!

His Knight,

Ryan J. Moreau

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