Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Little Poem...

I've reached a point,

I've found the place,

To live in His Anointed One;

'Tis the answer "that leads to life"

And has made me Abba's son.

Dancing alone through this petty life

Has given me no direction

And even though I've encountered strife

It's defeated by His resurrection.

"Why then on Earth do I have meaning?"

Is now my lingering question.

The answer found both clear and loud

His word saying by both love and selection.

If life is not about me, then "what do I do?"

The question that won't leave my mind,

'Til I think straight and remember to

Trust the Lord and his perfect time.

So if I'm to live for Christ alone

And my dreams are no longer selfish,

I'll take up my cross, now that I've grown and make all my days here selfless.

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