Thursday, July 23, 2009

Following This Site

I've had quite a few of you let me know that there is no place to "click" to follow this site. I thought you were nuts because early yesterday morning there absolutely was. However, after researching through "Blogger" I've come to find out that Google is working out a glitch that is not letting the followers of EVERY blog show up on the blogs themselves and will not allowing new people to follow the blog. Because this so-called glitch only shows up on Internet Explorer 8, you can still sign up to follow if you use Mozilla/Firefox as your browser or Internet Explorer 7 or less. Hopefully they work this out soon. I'm actually able to see the number of followers, but I can't even see who they are unless I switch to Mozilla or IE 7. Regardless, I'm not worried about followers but about speaking the Truth. If I'm failing to do that, please don't hesistate to send me a personal note. Hope you have a blessed day of Trusting Him!

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